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Bela & Lauren Fan Central
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This is a general community for Bela Talbot and Lauren Cohan fans! Lauren Cohan portrayed Bela on the television series Supernatural in its third season. See The CW's official Supernatural page or the Super-Wiki, a fan-run canon and fandom resource, for more information.

Fiction, videos, images, picspams, icons, graphics, meta, general discussion etc. - all things Bela or Lauren Cohan are welcome here. And encouraged. ♥

(Community inspired by spn_ruby.)


1. All posts must have something to do with either Bela or Lauren.

2. Any and all spoilery materials are welcome - entirely under a cut. Please continue to cut and warn for spoilers for 3 days after an episode airs in the U.S. as a common courtesy to all watchers.

3. Fic (and vids, manips, etc.) of all pairings and types are welcome! Label appropriately (at minimum, include a title, rating, and pairing, if applicable). As long as it includes Bela in some capacity, you can post it here (for example, a Sam/Dean fic from Bela's perspective is just as welcome as a Dean/Bela or Ruby/Bela fic).

4. Be considerate when posting images and graphics outside of a cut. Don't link to f-locked entries.

5. No Bashing! All around - other fans, characters, actors, show runners, etc. Discussion and disagreement is perfectly fine, even when it comes to more "sensitive topics", but remember to respect each other and the subjects of discussion. :) Play nice and keep the atmosphere in this community friendly. ♥


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