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We're all going to hell
Might as well enjoy the ride
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title: Looks like a solo tonight
pairing: Jo/Bela
words: 29.4k
summary: Jo wears her heart on her sleeve for everyone to see. Thieves just can't help themselves. Thank goodness Bela is one of them.
rating: R
warnings: violence, knife play, brief minor character necrophilia (pm me if you need more details)

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TWD: Maggie/Glenn

Hello, Bela fans! I have been working on a Supernatural/The Walking Dead crossover for some time now. I hope some of you might be interested in checking it out. Though I had planned a Maggie/Bela merging from the start, 'Bela Talbot' the SPN character was only introduced in Chapter 9. The current chapter, Chapter 10 (Dead London), is written from her POV. I tried to capture a good balance between Maggie the Walking Dead character and Bela the SPN character while staying true to both. I hope you enjoy!

Title: What We Become: A Supernatural/Walking Dead Crossover

Author: Ahavah

Fandoms: Supernatural/The Walking Dead (TV) -- may have some influence from TWD comics in later chapters.

Rating: PLEASE NOTE: I have changed the rating from "Not Rated" to "Mature"

Warnings: Spoilers for TWD through Season 3 and SPN through Season 6. THIS CHAPTER (10) includes a TRIGGER WARNING for brief mentions of domestic violence and canonical childhood sexual assault as Bela/Maggie explains her past to Glenn in the opening scene. Use ctrl+F to search for the first '#' scene break if you want to avoid this scene.

Pairings: (This chapter - 10:) Maggie/Glenn

Characters: (This Ch:) Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Maggie Greene/Bela Talbot, Glenn Rhee, Balthazar

Summary: (This Ch:) To keep her past as Bela Talbot hidden from her father, Maggie (with Glenn in tow) accompanies the Winchester brothers to England to hunt down the bones of the demon who cut her deal.

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I Chapter 6 I Chapter 7 I Chapter 8 I Chapter 9 I Chapter 10
23rd-Apr-2012 10:52 pm - 85 icons
ja in rain
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both Rubys
young!Mary Winchester
Adrianne Palicki
Charisma Carpenter
Jessica Alba

I just set them up to knock them down )
29th-Apr-2012 01:13 am(no subject)
66 icons here altogether (including some btvs)

bela, rubys & jo )

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27th-Jul-2012 11:39 am - fanmix: scavenger
misc | she's a restless spirit
Title: Scavenger
Subject: Bela Talbot
Warnings: Mentions of sexual abuse. This mix deals heavily with Bela's backstory and some lyrics could be triggering. Some language. Also implies all the character death, Hell, and possible demon!Bela that comes with the end of her story. Hints of Bela/Dean.
Notes: 10 songs, all by Emilie Autumn. I own nothing.

there are two sides to every story...except for this one
26th-Apr-2012 02:27 am - Fic: Mistaken Identity (1/1)
Title: Mistaken Identity
Rating: PG-13/T
Author: inmh 
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Drama
Summary: Written for the hc_bingo April Amnesty Challenge, prompt "Forced to participate in an illegal/hurtful activity". No wonder she smelled so much like a human. Vampire Diaries Crossover, hinted Elijah/Rose and Elijah/Bela.
Warning: Language, Violence, Torture.
Characters/Pairings: Bela, Klaus, Elijah, hints at Elijah/Rose and Elijah/Bela.
Spoilers: Vampire Diaries 3.14 Bringing Out the Dead, 2.09 Katerina
Disclaimer: I don't own The Vampire Diaries. It belongs to L.J. Smith/The CW. I don't own Supernatural. It belongs to Eric Kripke/The CW.


9th-Jan-2012 12:05 pm(no subject)

icon post includes: BTVS Buffy, Dawn promo shoots,
Katie Cassidy, Julie Benz, Adrianne Palicki, Genevieve Cortese, Amy Acker,
Supernatural Sam/Madison, Madison, the impala, Dean/Jo, Jo Harvelle, Sam/Jo, Bela Talbot,
Gundam Wing (general), Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (mostly J/C)

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here be icons )
Started new fic, with an old idea of mine. It's taken me 4 years but i'm finally writing it out. Please enjoy and review!
It's AU of season 4 and beyond of Supernatural, w/ Bela also being brought back from hell. No pairing at first other than Bela being there and working with the boys and Castiel, but will then be a Dean/Bela pairing....it's me so that's a bit obvious haha!

2nd-Jan-2012 02:02 pm - FIC: Life's a One-Time Deal
Title: Life's a One-Time Deal
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1500
Disclaimer: Supernatural isn't mine, etc.
Summary: Bela Talbot, ages 14-19. It’s a Thursday when, for the thrill of it, she nicks a pack of cigs.

A/N: This is a WFR fic for staringiscaring - huge thanks for the generous donation and your patience. ♥ ♥

Life's a One-Time Deal

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